Mark-10 Pneumatic Film and Paper Grip (G1046)


Mark-10 Pneumatic film and paper grip . This fully enclosed, air-powered grip is ideal for seal strength testing of packaging, elongation testing of various materials, and other tensile testing requirements. Serrated interlocking jaws effectively grip samples for up to 100 lbF (500 N) of force.

The grip features an industry-unique integrated open/close valve for quick sample engagement and disengagement, an added benefit for repetitive applications. An air connection kit, consisting of air tubing and fittings, is available as an option. Use a pair of these pneumatic grips with a force gauge and a  test stand to create a complete testing system.


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Mark-10 Pneumatic Force Grip Features:

  • Integrated open/close valve
  • Fully enclosed design for safety

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mark 10 force gauges


The flexible internal membrane actuating the movable jaw has a variable life expectancy dependent upon the maximum air pressure used and the quality of the compressed air. It should be free from impurities, solvents and oils. Since field conditions are outside of Mark-10’s control, the standard 3-year warranty does not apply to the flexible membrane. For convenience, a spare membrane and alcohol wipe is included with every new grip. A membrane repair kit may be purchased

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