Mecmesin Torque Wrench Calibrator


Verify torque applied with this simple, economical solution. The Torque Wrench Calibrator combines a universal display, Mecmesin’s AFTI, with a dedicated transducer to assess the torque applied by ‘click action’, ‘break back’ or dial torque wrenches up to 1000N.m.


Mecmesin Torque Wrench Calibrator Features:

  • Capture of 1st peak (click torque) and ultimate peak (follow through)
  • Compact and portable
  • Battery-powered
  • RS232 output for easy export of results
  • Easily reset using push button torque zeroing facility
  • Multiple measurement units: N.m, kg.m,, lbf.ft and
  • Compatible with Emperor™ Lite data acquisition software

Available Options

items Product Number
string(5) "items"
string(12) "15N-m/1lb-ft"
string(5) "items"
string(13) "60N-m/44lb-ft"
string(5) "items"
string(14) "100N-m/72lb-ft"
string(5) "items"
string(15) "150N-m/110lb-ft"
string(5) "items"
string(15) "600N-m/440lb-ft"
string(5) "items"
string(16) "1000N-m/720lb-ft"

Mecmesin Torque Wrench Calibrator:

  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise measurement
  • Six capacities from 15N.m to 1000N.m (11lbf.ft to 720lbf.ft)
  • Accuracy, ±0.5% of full scale
  • Normal – for live value readings
  • First Peak – for true ‘click torque’ readings
  • Max – for highest value readings

Download the Mecmesin Torque Wrench Calibrator product information using the link below:

Mecmesin Torque Wrench Calibrator



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