Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer


Retractable anvil with indicator for three wire measurements of pitch diameter of precision screws and parallelism measurements.

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Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer Features:

  • Designed to fit your hand — Suitable for large-item-small-volume production parts measurement
  • Waterproof structure of IP54
  • Hard coating to shield the surface from scratches
  • Large sized dial face for easy reading
  • Greatly improved the accuracy!
  • Range: ±.0023
  • Indication Accuracy 00005
  • Repeatability .00002
  • Flatness .000015
  • Parallelism .00003 on 1 and 2" models, .00005" on 3" and 4" model

Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer:

Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer

Download the Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer product literature by using the link below:

Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer

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