Mitutoyo MCOSMOS CMM Software

Mitutoyo MCOSMOS CMM Software is modular in design

Micat planner is one of a kind in its ability to program via MBD (Model base definition). Simply right click to add datums and alignments. (This function would take multiple mouse clicks with other CMM Software packages). Easily define a feature with MBD model and automatically generate a program automatically and very quickly.

GEOPAK New Functions
• New settings for elements – For the elements “Distance” and “Point” it is now possible to define the size of the appearance. For this purpose, the existing “Settings for 3D View” dialogue box was enhanced by the “Appearance” group.
• With the “Size factor” slider, the size of the appearance can be set between 0,1 (minimum appearance) and 10 (maximum appearance).
• Support of a form of a plane in the 3D View – The form of a plane is visualized by a powerful graphic as a topography based on the measured points once flatness is applied as a tolerance.
• A new callout for the “Flatness” tolerance is supported. The existing “Settings for 3D View” dialogue box was enhanced by the settings for the “Form of a plane”

CNC Parameter Enhancements
• The “CNC parameter” dialogue box was enhanced by the “Rotary table” group for the rotation speed that allows the user to enter their own values or choose between two preset values, maximum rotation speed, and the default rotation speed.
• The setting of the rotation speed affects only the “Rotate table” command. The existing “CNC start parameter” dialogue box was enhanced by the “Rotary table” group.

CAT1000 New Functions
•The “4-Axis Scanning” function enables the CAD-based generation of GEOPAK scanning commands with a collision-free scan paths in 4 axis. The function enables collision-free scanning without probe change even with swiveled probe positions. This is particularly useful for rotationally symmetrical parts.

1. Scanning probe
2. Rotary table
3. Scan path with control points “4-Axis Scanning” function can also be started in the “Create section” dialogue box.

• GEARPAK-Cylindrical supports several international gear standards, ANSI B92.1 (edition 1996) is now supported. Splines with involute flanks, as defined in ANSI B92.1, can easily be measured and evaluated with GEARPAK-Cylindrical.

-CAT-1000P Cad interface – data imported from CAD for programming and tolerance comparison ASICS and STEP.  CATIA V5,Solidworks, NX Siemens Unigraphics, Parasolids, AutoDesk Inventor, Pro-Engineering and IGES or VDAFS exchange are available format options.
-CMM System Manager- Create a virtual representation of your CMM
-CAT-1000S 3D surface analysis-verify a surface with a single click

  • MCOSMOS Level 3
    -Scanpak-CNC – reports deviations from nominal profile to determine of contour is within tolerance zone, constructs from the measured contour circles and or line elements based on user defined tolerance amount calculated from the elements from deviation
    -MiCAT Planner-Fast CMM Part programming- Load design model, select targer CMM, Part placement via virtual alignment, Measurement program creation, Translate to Geopak MCOSMOS


Expansion modules for MCOSMOS:

  • Pure DMISPAK- bi-directional program exchange for DMIS Based software. This module converts native DMIS file to GEOPAK. New programs from MCOSMOS can also be exported to a DMI format so non Mitutoyo brand CMMs can read and excecute their legacy DMIS-Based software
  • MeasureLink – acquires measurements realtime from cmm
  • SurfaceDeveloper 3D Surface generation software used with patch scanning generator to create high accuracy surface design. ideal for reverse engineering
  • MAFIS Mitutoyo Airfolil Inspection Software
  • GERAPAK- Gear measurement and inspection software


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MiCat Planner

MiCAT Planner

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