Mitutoyo SJ-500P PC System & Formtracepak-SV Software

Mitutoyo SJ-500P PC System & Formtracepak-SV Software

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Mitutoyo SJ-500P PC System & Formtracepak-SV Software Features:

  • New Design - Detector Measuring range (maximum): 800m
  • New Design - Detector Resolution: 0.0001m (at 8m Range)
  • Traverse length: 50mm (1.96)
  • Skidded or skidless measuring, allows measurement of straightness and waviness
  • Graphic Display of Measured Profile
  • Able to calculate the difference in coordinates of 2 curves with overlap function used in evaluation of gear wear
  • Capable of Crank Measurement applications
  • High speed positioning in X-axis at 20mm/sec
  • Supporting 16 languages
  • Simultaneous calculation of 2 curves
  • High straightness accuracy by ceramic guide with high durability (0.2m/50mm)
  • Easy setting of complex evaluation conditions utilizing design indicatorSoftware Analysis Features using FTPK V5 for SV
  • All ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS Parameters calculated on any profile
  • Variable Measuring Lengths, Filters and Cutoffs
  • Abbott-Firestone Curve BAC & ADC
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Optional Extended Z Range 3X Stylus 2.4mm (0.096)
  • Arc Removal, Partial & Full Level
  • RK Family of Parameters for full evaluation of Bearing Surfaces
  • Hybrid Calculations - a, q, a, q, Lo, lr, Motif, HSC, WCA, WEA…
  • Slope Distribution, Local Peak Distribution
  • Parameter Distribution - Useful in determining sample size
  • Harmonics (PSD) & Auto-Correlation Function
  • Fully ISO Compatible System
  • It utilizes the Windows OS, and provides advanced data processing capabilities – and
    intuitive graphical interface speed, calculation and display of measurement results, etc. for
    surface texture analysis.
  • Complete Dell PC (*printer not included) or current model

*Measurement functions are still limited to SJ-500 specs.
Measuring Ranges Z-axis: 800um (32000uin), 80um (3200uin), 8um (320uin) X-axis: 50mm (2)
Digital Filter 2CR-75%, 2CR-50%, 2CRPC-75%, 2CRPC-50%, Gaussian, Rubust-spline
Cutoff Length 0.08mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm, 8mm (.003, .01, .03, .1, .3)
Sampling Length (L) 0.08mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm, 8mm (.003, .01, .03, .1, .3)
Number of sampling Length x1, x3, x5, xL* [*=Arbitrary length] Minimum Resolution 0.0001um (8um Range) , 0.005uin (320uin Range)
Recording Magnification Vertical: 20X to 100K, Auto
Horizontal: 1x to 1K, Auto

Other Functions
Data Output RS232C
Dimensions PC I/F Unit : 13.7 x 10.4 x 3.4 (350 x 263 x 86mm)

Drive Unit
Measuring Speed 0.00078 ~0.2/s (0.02~5mm/s)
X-axis drive speed 0~.79/s (0 to 20mm/s) and manual
Resolution 0.05um (1.97uin)

Standard Detector 178-397-2 / 178-396-2
Detecting Method Differential Inductance Method
Stylus Tip Radius 5m, Diamond / Tip Radius 2um Diamond
Skid Radius of Curvature 40mm (1.57in)
Measuring Force 4mN (0.4 gram force) / .75mN (.075 gram force)
Dimensions Dia. 9 x 72mm (.35 Dia. X 2.8in)

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mitutoyo sj500

Standard Accessories

  • Display Unit: 178-531-02A (4mN) / 178-531-01A (0.75mN)
  • Detector Unit: 178-397-2 (4mN) / 178-396-2 (0.75mN)
  • Standard stylus: 12AAB403 (Tip radius 5μm) / 12AAC731 (Tip radius 2μm)
  • Skidless nosepiece: 12AAB355
  • Skid-attached nosepiece: 12AAB344
  • Power cord: 02ZAA000
  • Touch pen: N/A
  • Printer paper: N/A
  • Dust cover for display unit: N/A
  • Extension adapter: 12AAJ077
  • Allen key (Nominal: 1.5mm): 538613
  • Phillips screwdriver: 538612
  • Roughness specimen: 178-601 (mm) / 178-602 (inch/mm)
  • Touch panel protection sheet (1pc.): N/A
  • User’s Manual: 99MBB223A
  • Quick Reference Manual: 99MBB224A

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