Mitutoyo Model SJ-411 SJ-412 Portable Surface Roughness Tester


Mitutoyo SJ-411 Surface Roughness Testers feature the ability to do both skidded and skid-less measurements.
These SJ-411 Surftest / SJ-412 Surftest series offer a wide-range, high-resolution detector and a drive unit that provide superior high-accuracy measurement in its class.  By using the skid-less measurement function you can obtain ultra-fine steps, straightness and waviness

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Mitutoyo  Model SJ-411 Model SJ-412 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Features:

  • Both skidded and skidless measurement
  • Equipped with 46 roughness parameters that conform to the latest ISO, DIN, ANSI, and JIS standards.
  • Straightness/traverse length
  • Ultra-fine steps, straightness and waviness can be measured by using the skidless measurement function.
  • 5.7-inch color graphic and back light LCD touch-panel
  • Measured data can be output to a PC with optional RS-232C or USB cable.
  • Digital filter function for non-distorted roughness profiles.
  • GO/NG judgment function.
  • supports 16 languages
  • Simplified contour analysis function supports the four types of measurement: step, level change, area and coordinate difference.
  • Access to each feature can be password protected
  • The optional attachments for mounting on a column stand significantly increase the operability.
  • 178-581-11A SJ-411
    178-581-12A SJ-411
    178-583-11A SJ-412
    178-583-12A SJ-412

Mitutoyo SJ-410 Series Model SJ-411 Portable Surface Roughness Tester SJ-412 :

  • Measuring range: 800μm
  • Resolution: 0.000125μm (at 8μm range)
  • Drive unit
  • Straightness/traverse length
  • SJ-411: 0.3μm/25mm
  • SJ-412: 0.5μm/50mm
  • SJ411 can easily go to less than 1 microinch. (Ra) Then, vibration is very important.

178-581-11A SJ-411
178-581-12A SJ-411

178-583-11A SJ-412
178-583-12A SJ-412




Download the SJ-410 , SJ-411, SJ-412 Series product literature using the link below:


Click here Mitutoyo SJ-410 SURFTEST youtube video

Click below link to download specifications for the SJ-410 SJ-411 SJ-412  accessories

Accessories for Mitutoyo SJ-410 Surftest

SJ-411 Accessories listed below.  Call or email us for pricing. (Ph: 866-945-5742 / )

  • 178-039 Column Stand
  • 178-397 Standard Detector – 4mN
  • 178-396 Standard Detector – .75mN
  • 12AAE882 Standard 1μm stylus/60°
  • 12AAE924 Standard 1μm stylus/90°
  • 12AAE883 Standard 250μm stylus/60°
  • 12AAB403 Standard 5μm stylus
  • 12AAB355  Skidless nosepiece
  • 12AAB344 Standard nosepiece
  • 12AAC731 Standard 2μm stylus/60°
  • 12AAB415 Standard 10μm stylus
  • 12AAA882 RS232 Cable
  • 64AAB213  Vibraplane isolation stand 30 x 48
  • 12AAM556 SJ-410 Height-Tilt adjustment unit
  • 178-010 Auto set unit
  • 357651 AC Adapter



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