Pattern Recognition and Inspection Sensor

A small real-time pattern inspection sensor that compares the X and Y projection profiles of a target’s with a saved reference signature to generate pattern matching triggers when the difference is above a user-set thresholds

  • Inspect patterns on moving production lines
  • High-speed frame-by-frame measurements


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Pattern Inspection Sensor Features:

  • Smart vision sensor that captures X and Y projection profiles of a target at high-speed
  • Inspect up to 1500 FPS (256×256 pixels)
  • Position and dimension measurements
  • Integrated comparative threshold trigger for pattern and defects inspection
  • Fastest, most cost-effective inline inspection sensor for moving targets
  • Robust, high sensitivity pattern matching
  • Easy to use with simple, intuitive firmware
  • Configurable logic gives fast, powerful, real-time production-line quality control
  • Small sensor for easy integration


  • Detector 256×256 pixels, CMOS
  • Wavelength 380nm – 1000nm
  • Speed 100 – 1500 frames/second profiles
  • Illumination Illumination trigger, pulsed 1-20μs
  • Performance Part placement position detection repeatability <10μm @ 1500FPS*
  • Field-of-view 2×2 to 100x100mm, user specified
  • Working distance 26mm @ 10x10mm FOV
  • Dimensions Sensor head: 15mm OD x 40mm L
    * Measured on a black square target of 5mm under 8x8mm FOV

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