Sensor for Glass Defect Inspection

Glass Defects Inspection Sensor. In line surface inspection sensor. This sensor utilizes scattering light and gives the ability to find defects on a moving target. Glass & Transparent materials.

Particles, Micro-cracks, surface roughness, coating contamination.  Embedded linux and FPGA for speed. Configurable timing for encoder or trigger. Fully customizable.

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Defects inspection
Surface particles - size, count, statistics
Oblique light scattering provides strong signals
for micon or sub-micron particles identification
Modeling polarized light scattering on transparent
substrate provides quantitative measurements

Surface scratch - length, width, intensity
Shape-based algorithms can effectively identify
and measure scratches of micron-level
Scratch depth can be estimated from polarized
light scattering analysis
For substrate as well as for patterned structrues, such as sensitive sensor pads

Also OD and ID Measurement

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