Starrett HB400 Bench Top Horizontal Optical Comparator


The HB400 horizontal benchtop optical comparator offers a 16″ screen, 12″ fast traverse X-axis travel (16″ Optional), 6 Y-axis travel, quick change bayonet fitting lenses, Q-axis digital protractor with angular measurements to 1′ resolution, your choice of powerful MX100 or MX200 readout box or MetLogix software control systems and optional CNC control. A time tested, cost effective, solution for non-contact measurement. They are simple to use, yet have excellent capacity and performance to satisfy an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications and complex measuring requirements. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage which combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. Horizontal models work well with parts that need to be fixtured, held in a vice, or on centers.

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Starrett HB400 Bench Top Horizontal Optical Comparator Features:

  • Fully usable 16 diameter screen with overlay clips.
  • Digital protractor for accurate angular measurements (1 minute resolutions) via Q-axis on readout.
  • Hard anodized aluminum top plate with cast iron intermediate and base plates.
  • 22-lb.load capacity with negligible deflection and 110 lb. maximum capacity.
  • 12 horizontal travel by manual fine adjustment with quick release mechanism and 15° work stage helix adjustment.
  • 6 vertical travel.
  • 2 focus travel.
  • 24V, 150W profile illumination
  • 24V, 250W fiber optic surface illumination
  • Single lens mount with quick action lens change (lens not included).
  • Collimating condenser with yellow/green filter and provision to mount further accessories.
  • Measurement by means of a linear encoder (glass scale) on both X and Y axes.
  • Interchangeable and Fixed 5X versions are available, call for quote.

HB400 Starrett Optical Comparator With  Digital Readout-

  • HB400 Starrett Optical Comparator with MX100 DRO and MX200 DRO
  • HB400 Starrett Optical Comparator with MX100 DRO  XY Display
  • HB400 MX 200 DRO offers Geometric functions, tolerancing, data export/reporting, part programming and playback, Multi Language support, XY, XYZ Oor XYQ Axis support. Optional Edge Detection
  • HB400 MX200E as above except with optical edge detection
  • HB400-5215-CNC: PC based metrology software for measuring XY and Q axis. Equipped with features  such as Part Graphics, Import/Export from CAD, Reverse Engineering, Teach mode for measuring  large numbers of the same part, Optical Edge detection and CNC. Computer and monitor cart included.

HB400 Starrett Optical Comparator With With MetLogix Metrology Software touch tablet PC-

  • HB400-M2: includes the ability to measure 2D features such as diameters, radius, angle, lines and point features. M2 software provides an interactive 2D part view and part skewing for easy setup. Programs can be recorded to speed up the measurement of multiple parts.
  • HB400-M2E: All the features of the HB400-M2 with added Optical Edge Detection.
  • HB400-M2E-CNC: All the features of the HB400-M2E with CNC added.
  • HB400-M3E-VED-OV2: Offers all the features of an Optical Comparator with the added bonus of a Vision Machine. The OV2 attachment with the M3 software allows the user the best of both worlds. Optical AND Video Edge Detection removes operator variability and increases measurement accuracy. The M3 software utilizes a touch screen PC with one touch measurement capability. The M3 software also offers image archiving along with part and image annotation. Computer and monitor cart included.
  • HB400-M3E-VED-OV2-CNC: All the features of the HB400-M3E-VED-OV2 with CNC added.

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Starrett HB400, the most popular of the Horizontal Comparators, brightest image in the industry, 12 x 6 travel

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Starrett HB400 Bench Top Horizontal Optical Comparator Video

MX200 PDF. Click below to download

MX200 Readout box

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