Starrett HDV500 Video Comparator

The Starrett HDV500 Digital Video Comparator offers the best features of a large horizontal optical comparator and a vision metrology system. Configured like a traditional horizontal comparator, the HDV500 has a long travel 20″ x 8″ (500 x 200mm) X-Y stage and heavy-duty steel construction.

The workstage is the same as the popular HF600 and HF750 comparators, with a 330lb (150kg) load capacity. Much like the HDV300 and 400, the heart of the system centers on a uniquely designed interchangeable lens mounting system coupled to a hi-resolution color digital video camera(patent pending). The system is available with a choice of three telecentric lenses

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Click below to enlarge Starrett HDV500 Video Comparator specifications:

starrett hdv500 video comparator

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starrett hdv500

Click below link to view the Starrett HDV500 Video Demonstration

HDV500 Video

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