Renishaw M2 Cylinder and Star Stylus


The comprehensive range of genuine Renishaw styli comprises a range of configurations to suit different measurement applications.

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Renishaw M2 Cylinder and Star Stylus:

Cylinder Styli

These are used for probing holes in sheet metal, pressed components and thin work pieces with which proper contact cannot be guaranteed with ball styli. In addition, various threaded features can be probed and the centres of tapped holes located.

Ball ended cylinder styli allow full datuming and proving in X, Y and Z directions thus allowing surface inspections to be carried out.

Star Styli

These are multi-tip stylus configurations with fixed mounted styli. These can be used to inspect a variety of different features, including surfaces and holes with which direct contact can be made. This configuration gives flexibility, enabling the tip to make contact with features without changing the stylus. You can configure your own star styli using stylus centres to mount up to 5 styli components.

The balls can be made from ruby, silicon nitride or zirconia. Each tip on a star stylus requires datuming in the same manner as a single ball stylus.

Star styli are not recommended for use on machine tools.


Renishaw M2 Stylus Technical Specifications:

Renishaw M2 Cylinder and Star Stylus

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