Renishaw M3 Straight Styli


Renishaw M3 Straight Styli


Renishaw M3 Straight Styli:

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Available Options

Diameter of Styli Product Number
1.0mm A-5000-3551
2.0mm A-5000-3552
3.0mm A-5000-3553
4.0mm A-5000-7606
4.0mm A-5000-3554
5.0mm A-5000-7648
0.5mm A-5000-7632
1.5mm A-5003-0050
2.5mm A-5003-0054
2.0mm A-5003-0051
2.0mm A-5003-0052
2.5mm A-5003-0055
3.0mm A-5003-0057
2.0mm A-5003-0053
2.5mm A-5003-0056
3.0mm A-5003-0058
4.0mm A-5003-0060
5.0mm A-5003-0062
3.0mm A-5003-0059
4.0mm A-5003-0061
5.0mm A-5003-0063
3.0mm A-5003-0067
4.0mm A-5003-0068
5.0mm A-5003-0069
6.0mm A-5003-4860
8.0mm A-5003-4862
6.0mm A-5003-4861
8.0mm A-5003-4863
10.0mm A-5003-7057
10.0mm A-5003-7056
10.0mm A-5003-7055
10.0mm A-5003-7054
12.0mm A-5003-7445
12.0mm A-5003-7446
12.0mm A-5003-7447

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Renishaw M3 Styli

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