Hexagon Metrology ROMER Portable Measuring Arms

The new ROMER Absolute Arm is absolutely advanced. Drawing inspiration and resources from the entire Hexagon Metrology product family, and all ROMER arms that came before, the ROMER Absolute Arm has been redesigned to ensure the ultimate user experience. A new ergonomic wrist is the first to be designed around the complex contours of the human hand. Sensory feedback enables users to take measurements in even the most challenging shop environments.

The ROMER Absolute Arm is still the easiest and fastest to use in the industry. Intelligent Quick Change Probes require no special tools or recalibration after probe changes. Absolute encoders “know” where the arm is at all times, eliminating the need for complex homing procedures. A thermally stable dual carbon fiber tube construction does not lock up when temperatures change.

The Absolute Arm is an absolute return on investment.

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Hexagon Metrology ROMER Portable Measuring Arms Features:

Absolute Arm SI
The ROMER Absolute Arm SI is the first ROMER arm that features a 3D laser scanner integrated directly into the wrist. This completely integrated scanning system can scan up to 30,000 points per second.

Absolute Arm
The ROMER Absolute Arm is the lightest, most accurate, most flexible ROMER arm ever. It draws inspiration and resources from the entire Hexagon Metrology product family, and all ROMER articulating arms that came before.

INFINITE 2.0 SC Scan Shark
The ROMER ScanShark Laser Scanning System is comprised of a seven-axis INFINITE 2.0 SC portable CMM, a ScanShark™ laser scanner, PolyWorks™ software and laptop or desktop computer, all in one powerful turnkey package!

INFINITE 2.0 Series
The new INFINITE 2.0 portable CMM incorporates raise-the-bar features to enhance usability and expand work session productivity. The sleek, redesigned six-axis arms offer high precision probing and optional scanning capabilities for mobile measurement, inspection and reverse engineering.

Arm Tracker Products
GridLOK ROMER’s Giant CMM that eliminates high-cost, complexity and slowness attributed with laser trackers or stationary CMM’s.

Tube Inspection
Tube Inspection Station - Provides all the tools needed to inspect everything from hydraulic tubing to exhaust pipe. When used with the optional magnetic base, the system is the only portable tube inspection system on the market.

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ROMER Absolute Arm Technical Specifications:



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