Renishaw RMP60 Machine Tool Touch Probe

A touch-trigger probe with radio transmission for communicating with the machine’s CNC controller, for component setting/inspection on machining centres. RMP60 uses a unique frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission system that makes it ideal for use on large and 5-axis machines.

RMP60 is part of a new generation of radio transmission part probing system, ideally suited to large machining centres or where line-of-sight between probe and receiver is difficult to achieve. RMP60 features an integrated probe module delivering exceptional robustness and generous overtravel. RMP60 complies with FCC regulations and operates in the 2.4 GHz band. It delivers interference-free transmission through the use of FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum). This allows many systems to operate in the same machine shop without risk of cross-talk. The RMI integrated interface/receiver is used to communicate between the RMP60 probe and the machine control. The probe may be activated by RF signal initiated by an M-code, spinning or shank switch.

The RMP60M is also available which enables probe inspection of part features that would be inaccessible to the standard RMP60. It allows fitment of adaptors, extensions and Renishaw’s LP2 touch probe.

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Renishaw RMP60 Machine Tool Touch Probe Features:

  • Compact size - 63 mm in diameter and 76 mm in length
  • 2.4 GHz radio transmission allows single system for world-wide use
  • Simple setting - no channel selection required
  • Spherical transmission pattern with 15 m range
  • RMP60 and RMI systems allow multiple probes to be used, interference free, with one receiver

RMP60 Software Options - The following software packages can be used to program probing routines for work piece set-up and inspection on CNC machining centres:

  • EasyProbe - entry-level package for simple work piece set-up
  • Inspection - basic set-up and work piece inspection cycles, with automatic update of offsets
  • Inspection Plus - an integrated suite of inspection cycles including vector measurement
  • Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro - a PC-based software package with GUI, allowing the user to select features directly from an imported CAD model, making the generation of probing cycles even easier.

See Resources for product specifications and more information.

Download the Renishaw RMP60 product information using the link below:

Renishaw RMP60 Machine Tool Probe Touch Trigger with Radio

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