Vari-Roll Gear Software

The New VARI-PC Radial Dual Flank Composite Analyzer System has been built from the ground up to provide the best of both accuracy and user friendliness. The new wizard based programing features walk the user through the programming process for a very low learning curve. Integrated tools for the calculating of Test Radius and Center Distance from either provided Circular Tooth Thickness or Dimension over Rolls gives the user the option to expand their measurement

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Vari-Roll Gear Software System will analyze results to past and current AGMA & ISO standards.The VARI-PC Radial Dual Flank Composite Analyzer System will automatically check the part gear for the following:

  • Maximum & Minimum Test Radius or Center Distance
  • Total Tooth to Tooth Error (f)
  • Average Tooth to Tooth Error
  • Total Composite Error (Fi100 Shore Dr.i)
  • Total Composite Error over (X) Number of Teeth
  • Pitch Line Runout

Three options are available to each callout, Display and judge against a tolerance, Display as a reference only, and Do not display. The exibili- ty in display options ensures the user only sees the information that is important to them. Software will collect and display Radial Dual Flank Composite data real time. Set-up and analyzed results can be saved in a database that will serialize the data and record the time and date data the test was run. Graphic, set-up and analyzed results are all saved for each part and can be recalled from the database.

Hardware Included with the system:

  • Desktop PC with Windows 7 software, monitor & ink jet printer
  • Control Module with USB interface to PC
  • Fiber Optic non-contact measuring sensor with optical point measuring range 0.050/1.27mm
  • Mounting hardware for Vari-Roll Gear Tester series D thru G
  • Selection of master gear drive motors for either overhead or underslung drive. For master gears with mounting bores of 0.500ø, 1.000ø or 1.2500ø
  • Analyzed results can be saved in several formats including print outs, PDFs and ASCII strings among other options.

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