Renishaw Repair By Exchange (RBE)

Renishaw repair by exchange.(RBE) – Exchange your damaged probe head, touch probe, scanning probe or probe controller with one that has been previously

This greatly improves the turn-around time versus a traditional repair service. Usually the replacement product is shipped within 24-48 hours of receiving your damaged item. Once your order is placed, simply mail your damaged product to Renishaw by following our instructions and you will receive a repaired identical
product in return.

How it Works:

Step 1: Determine the current model and serial# of probe head, touch probe, scanning probe or probe controller you have, fill in field below.

Step 2: We will email you an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number within the hour.

Step 3: Carefully package the item for shipment. Mark the RGA number on the shipping documents and ship to the address we indicate.

Your replacement item will be shipped directly from Renishaw to your address. Upon receipt, inspect the items and install on your machine.

Note: Advanced replacement is also offered. Avoid downtime. We can ship you the replacement immediately, prior to receiving your damaged item. ($75)

For Repair by exchange pricing please fill in below:

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*Please be sure to only send the item itself and no accessories such as cables, probe shanks or styli. You are responsible for the expenses related to shipping the unit to Renishaw and for the shipping costs of the replacement head.

Renishaw Repair By Exchange (RBE):

  • MH20 CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • MH20i CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • MH8 CMM Probes by Renishaw
  • MIH CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • MIH-S CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • OTP6M CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • PH1 CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • PH10M CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • PH10MQ CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • PH10T CMM Probe by Renishaw
  • PH5 CMM Probes by Renishaw
  • PS1 by Renishaw
  • SP600 by Renishaw
  • SP-600M by Renishaw
  • TP1 by Renishaw
  • TP2 by Renishaw
  • TP20 by Renishaw
  • TP200 by Renishaw
  • TP6 by Renishaw
  • TP7M by Renishaw

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