Renishaw REVO vision probe (RVP)

The Renishaw REVO vision probe (RVP) provides non-contact vision measurement on an infinitely positioning, 5-axis platform.
Now, tactile scanning measurement, surface finish analysis and non-contact inspection can all be performed on one CMM

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Renishaw REVO vision probe (RVP) Features:

  • Added part inspection capability Small features and delicate or flexible parts that cannot be measured using tactile probes can now be inspected on a 5-axis
    non-contact measurement platform.
  • Added value multi-sensor system A machine equipped with REVO-2 can be used for a large range of inspection applications including scanning measurement,
    surface finish analysis and now, non-contact inspection.
  • High speed data collection 5-axis motion between part features and real time image processing dramatically increase data collection rates

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Renishaw RVP_vision_probe_for_REVO-2_

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