Vari-Roll Vertical Centers Attachment

Precise and convenient testing of pinions up to 6/152mm diameter location on interchangeable male or female centers will be achieved by the Vertical Center

The head stock vertical movement is provided by a pre-loaded rack and pinion gear adjustment system. The upper center has an adjustable spring load with retraction in a preloaded ball bearing slide to provde low friction positioning and superior accuracy. .0001/inch or .00005/inch inline and axial  alignment or vertical centers and headstock vee are available.

Male or female centers, bull nose centers and Special locators are available in steel or carbide. Vertical Center Attachments are equipped with a set of steel male 60-degree Style #1 full centers.

Call 866-9945-5742 or email: [email protected] for pricing & more information.

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Vari-Roll Vertical Centers Attachment models available are:

  • VR-120 - 8/203mm between vertical centers capacity
  • VR-121 - 12/305mm between vertical centers capacity

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