Starrett C604R Series Rules, 1″-48″


Starrett C604R Series Rules–Spring-Tempered Steel Rules with Inch Graduations.

Graduations-4R: 8ths, 16ths,Quick-Reading 32nds,64ths.

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Starrett C604R Series Rules:

  • 4R: 8ths, 16ths,Quick-Reading 32nds,64ths
  • SLC: Standard Letter of Certification

See Resources for full product information.

Available Options

length Product Number
1" C604R-1
2" C604R-2
3" C604R-3
4" C604R-4
6" C604R-6
6" w/ SLC C604R-6 w/SLC
12" C604R-12
12" w/ SLC C604R-12 W/SLC
18" C604R-18
18" w/ SLC C604R-18 W/SLC
24" C604R-24
24" w/ SLC C604R-24 W/SLC
36" C604R-36
48" C604R-48

Download the Starrett C604R Series Rules product literature using the link below:

Starrett Rule C604R Series


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