Starrett Dial Bore Gage Model 844


Starrett Dial Bore Gage Model 844


Starrett Dial Bore Gages Model 844 Features:

  • Can be easily held to inspect bores and hole sizes without removing the workpiece
  • Adjustable range screw and two centralizing plungers provide accurate, three-point contact for alignment in larger bores
  • All contacts and centralized plungers are of hardened tool steel for wear and spring-loaded for sensitivity
  • The housing and knurled handle are aluminum for light weight and good balance
  • Furnished in finished wood case

Available Options

Bore Gage Range Product Number
1-1/2-3" 84AZ-111-4J
3-5-1/16" 84AZ-111-5J
3-5-1/16" 84AZ-134-5J
5-8" 84AZ-111-6J
5-8" 84AZ-134-6J
8-12-1/2" 84AZ-111-7J

Starrett 111 has indicator grad. = .0001

Starrett 134 has indicator grad. = .0005

84AZ and 84 MAZ

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