Starrett Internal Chamfer Gages


These gages directly measure the diameter of chamfered holes. No setting master is necessary. In case of wear, the gage may be adjusted to read the proper number. All ground surfaces are of hardened tool steel. Indicators are AGD design. Internal gages will measure the largest diameter of any chamfer that has an included angle within the range of angles printed on the dial face of the gage.


Starrett Internal Chamfer Gages Features:

  • These gages directly measure the diameter of chamfered holes
  • No setting master is necessary

Available Options

angle Product Number
0-90 Degrees 683-3Z
0-90 Degrees 683-2Z
0-90 Degrees 683-1Z
0-90 Degrees 683-4Z
90-127 Degrees 684-3Z
90-127 Degrees 684-2Z
90-127 Degrees 684-1Z
90-127 Degrees 684-4Z
0-90 Degrees 683M-3Z
0-90 Degrees 683M-2Z
0-90 Degrees 683M-1Z
0-90 Degrees 683M-4Z
90-127 Degrees 684M-3Z
90-127 Degrees 684M-2Z
90-127 Degrees 684M-1Z
90-127 Degrees 684M-4Z

Starrett Internal Chamfer Gages:

Starrett Internal Chamfer Gages

Download the Starrett Internal Chamfer Gages product information using the link below:

Starrett Internal Chamfer Gages


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