Tohnichi ATG/BTG Torque Gage


For measurement of micro torque and calibration of torque tools. Two Body Sizes: ATG smaller and BTG larger coordinate with torque ranges


Tohnichi ATG/BTG Torque Gage Features:

  • Three fingered keyless threaded chuck (Aluminum version standard)
  • ATG plastic (#322) or metal chuck (#321) available as optional accessory
  • Bi-Directional loading
  • 270 degrees of rotation with stopper to prevent over-loading
  • Includes plastic storage case and certificate of calibration

Available Options

capacity Product Number
5-4-5-in-oz ATG4.5Z-S
4-36-in-oz ATG36Z-S
06-6-in-oz ATG06Z
1-9-in-lb 9BTG-A-S
60-600-gf-cm 600ATG-S
5-45-gf-cm 45ATG
100-1200-kgf-cm 1200ATG-S
2-1-5-cnm ATG1.5CN-S

Tohnichi ATG/BTG Torque Gage:

  • Accuracy +/-2% of indicated value
  • Side and Top Memory Pointers (Smallest ATG models do not have memory ptrs due to very low torque)

Download the Tohnichi ATG/BTG Torque Gage product information using the link below:

Tohnichi ATG/BTG Torque Gage

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