TomoScope® XL NC Coordinate Measuring with X-Ray tomography Technology

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TomoScope® XL NC CMM with X-Ray tomography Technology

  • Coordinate measuring machine with x-ray tomography for the most stringent requirement with a small cone beam angle
  • Larger part size
  • Optional palette changer
  • Grater range of x-ray detectors
  • Option for second micro focus tube: by choice 225 kV or 300 kV
  • Customized x-ray shield protection room

Machine Specifications

  • Macro focus tube 450 kV
  • Measuring Range
    • Ø =362 mm(14) (in the image)
    • Ø =500 mm(20) (using raster tomography)
    • L=378 mm(15) (in the image)
    • L=710 mm(28) (using raster tomography)
  • Foot Print and Specification
    • Depth: 1620 (64”³) Width: 3820 mm (150) Height: 2250mm (89″)

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