Dorsey Standard Bore Gages

Dorsey Standard Bore Gages rugged production line bore gages have been the industry standard for more than 60 years.  Dorsey offers exact replacements built to the same exacting specification and precision as the original  Standard Gage® product. Interchangeable repair parts for these models are also available.

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Dorsey Standard Style Bore Gage Features:

  • Comfortable & ergonomic well balanced handle, can be removed to gain clearance in restricted areas
  • Precision machined aluminum dial unit housing
  • Stainless steel bore gage extension tubing in a wide variety of standard and special lengths
  • Carbon fiber or stainles steel extra length extension tubing up to 144"
  • Thermally insulated high impact resistant shield protects extension tubing
  • Replacable contacts available in steel, carbide or diamond
  • Proven bell crank transfer is accurate and linear over its entire range
  • Precisely machined cast phosphor bronze gaging head for sensitivity and durability
  • All bore gage sizes utilize the same dial unit housing for extreme versality

Download the Dorsey Standard Bore Gages by using the link below:

Dorsey Standard Style Bore Gages

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