Dyer Long Reach Bore Gage

Dyer Gage Deep reach, long handle precision bore gages. Measure inside diameters from  0.18″ – 31.5″ (4.5 mm – 800.00 mm). These Dyer Bore Gages have large self centering base .

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Dyer 225 Series Deep Reach Precision Bore Gage Features:

  •  Single-unit shaft lengths for the highest degree of measuring accuracy
  •  Inch/Metric. Convert by changing dial indicator
  • In-between and longer sizes quoted   on request.
  • Large chrome plated self-centering base Rc 65, carbide ball contact points.
  • Sealed construction, for use under dirty and oily conditions.

Download the Dyer long reach bore gage by using the link below:

Dyer 225 Series Deep Reach Bore Gage

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