Flexbar Granite Quick Check Indicator Stand (15825)


Model No. 15825, Flexbar Granite Quick Check Indicator Stand. Dial Indicator is not included-order separately. Wide range of sizes and styles to fit most needs. Provides rapid height positioning and fine adjustment with the turn of a knob.

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  • Ultra-Smooth Rack & Pinion Indicator Positioner offers 2" of vertical travel
  • Rapid adjustment for checking multiple height features on parts
  • Twin knobs for left or right hand positioning
  • Stem mount indicator holding arm accommodates both 3/8" and 8mm diameter stems
  • Granite Base: 8" x 6" x 2" high.00005" flatness
  • Stainless Steel Column
  • Column Height: 12"
  • Column diameter: 9/16"
  • Can be used with any AGD indicator.



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