FlexDisplay Gage Interface & Remote Display FD-1ADV


The FlexDisplay Gage Interface & Remote Display can collect data from a wide variety of digital gages such as Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Starrett, Ono Sokki, Fowler and more. Many other devices, such as weigh scales, balances, digital readouts and more, can be connected using FlexConnect™ cables. Mix and match gage types side by side. The ability to collect data from virtually any device gives you the power to use the instruments you need.


FlexDisplay Gage Interface & Remote Display FD-1ADV Features:

  • 8 Gage inputs/ 1 Display
  • 8 Virtual ports (Isolated ports for math functions, visible on readout)
  • Rotary switch to select the port displayed
  • Advanced math functions
  • Add between 2 or more inputs
  • Subtract between 2 or more inputs
  • Average between 2 or more inputs
  • Minimum reading for a port
  • Maximum reading for a port
  • Range (TIR) of a port
  • Offset a reading with a constant
  • Echo a reading from another port (Very helpful: Can use same gages and have different specs for different parts)

FlexDisplay Gage Interface & Remote Display FD-1ADV:

  • Gage input displayed and sent to PC for analysis
  • Data send jack to trigger reading from port or display
  • Data send button to trigger reading from display
  • Remote zero button for displayed reading
  • Go/No Go status for each input or calculated values
  • I/O for part status – use for external alarms or PLC connectivity


  • Number of inputs 8 Universal – 8 Virtual – 1 PassThu
  • Input type Universal = Mitutoyo Digimatic, MTI Compatibles, Serial & RS232
  • Output type Standard RS232
  • Power Supply 110v Wall Adapter 7-9VDC Center Positive
  • Gage Input Connector 10-pin Male (Mitutoyo Digimatic)
  • Data Send Input 2.5mm jack, data send button
  • Output Connector DB25 Female


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