FlexPort Universal Gage Interface


Connecting gages to a FlexPort Gage Interface is quick and easy – just plug them in! The FlexPort Gage Interface uses industry standard cables to connect to multiple devices and sends gage readings directly to your PC software via USB or RS232.

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FlexPort Universal Gage Interface Features:

  • The FlexPort Gage Interface controls the flow of data to the PC – making collecting data easy and intuitive.
  • User friendly features, like data send LEDs for each input,
  • signal successful data transmission.
  • Data can be requested by external switch, the send button on the gage, or host commands from the PC.
  • SPC data collection is now simple and accurate. Sending 10 readings per second (even faster for high speed applications) means you can collect data in 'real-time'.
  • Special functions like TIR, MIN and Max can all be captured and sent to your software as well.

Data Send Switch

FlexPort Universal Gage Interface:

  • Number of inputs 2, 4 or 8 Universal Inputs + 1 PassThru port
  • Input type Universal = Mitutoyo Digimatic, MTI Compatibles, Serial & RS232
  • Output type Standard RS232 or USB
  • Power Supply 110v Wall Adapter 7-9VDC Center Positive
  • Gage Input Connector 10-pin Male (Mitutoyo Digimatic) input on front and DP9
  • Male Pass-Thru on rear panel
  • Data Send Input 2.5mm jacks
  • Output Connector DB25 Female (connected to DB9 or USB cable)
  • Remarks Special output and configurations available…Contact us for more information

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