Mahr Federal 1280p Adjustable Bore Gages


Mahr Federal 1280p adjustable Bore gages available with either dial or digital indicator


Mahr Federal 1280P Features:

• Rugged construction and low maintenance:Stainless steel gaging head, one piece centralizing yoke with replaceable steel or tungsten carbide balls.
• Heavy duty housing protects Indicator.
• Flow-through design makes Series 1280P Bore gages swish clean, no disassembly required.
• Outstanding stability: Holds mastered value.
• Furnished with either Dial Indicator or Maxµm III Digital Electronic Indicator
• Digital bore gages with output are provided with Maxµm III  Indicators. The Dynamic memory of the Maxµm III
greatly simplifies operation and assures repeatable readings with a single sweep of the diameter being
• Output available for Statistical Quality Control requirements.

Available Options

measuring-range Product Number
.5-1“ 2050089
1-2" 2050114
2-8" 2050150
.5-1“ 2050090
1-2" 2050115
2-8" 2050151

Mahr Federal 1280P Bore Gage :

  • With dial indicator
    Range of Sensitive Contact: 0.63 mm / .025“, 0.002 mm / .0001 grad.
  • With Maxµm III indicators
    Range of Sensitive Contact:  0.39 mm /.020.
    Resolution:  0.001 mm / .00005 resolution, 0.001 mm / .001 grad.

If gage capacity is 25 mm / 1“ or greater, the Maxµm III Indicator is covered with a cast aluminum protective housing.
If under 25 mm / 1“ capacity, the protective housing is not normally furnished.

Download the Mahr Federal 1280P Bore Gage product information using the link below:

Mahr Federal 1280p Adjustable Dial Bore Gages

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