Mahr Dimensionair Air Gage Dial type


Mahr Dimensionair Air Gages are unique among dimensional air gages. They are a differential air pressure type and the only instruments that offer the advantages of a fixed magnification and a balanced air systemDimensionair Air Gages (single master system)

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Mahr  Dimensional Air Gage Dial type Features:

  • Uses regular shop air (40 -125 psi).
  • Internal pressure regulator keeps measuring pressures within calibrated range.
  • Adjust meter to zero using a single setting master and the zero setting screw.
  • High visibility meter has fine line graduations and a needle- thin hand for clear, precise readings.
  • An air filter is included to remove dust and dirt contaminants from air line.
  • Tooling mounts to the front of the unit. Connections are tight with finger pressure.
  • No recalibration necessary when changing tooling. Just set zero and measure!
  • Models available in 5 magnifications, 2 dial styles, and either
  • Metric or Inch

Mahr  Dimensionair Analog Systems

  • Nine metric models and nine inch models, regular size and large size dials, single and multiple units.
  • Air Plugs Through-hole, Blind hole , and  Counterbore  styles. Fractional sizes carried in stock for fast delivery.
  • Air Rings 2-jet and 3-jet versions available for external diameters.

Accessories-Magnification Kits (See below tab for details)

Magnification Kits

Accessories-Air Manifolds (See below tab for details)


Accessories-Air Hoses (See below tab for details)

Air Gage Hoses

Accessories-Filters (See below tab for details)


Mahr Dimensionair Magnification and Tolerance Chart click below to enlarge

: mahr air ammplifier

Download the Mahr Dimensionair Air Amplifier product information using the link below :

mahr air gage catalog

Order# Magnification Range Minimum Graduations
2095183 1250:1 .006″ .0001″
2095184 2500:1 .003″ .00005″
2095185 5000:1 .0015″ .00002″
2095186 10000:1 .0006″ .00001″
2095189 20000:1 .0003″ .000005″
2095190 1250:1 152um 2um
2095191 2500:1M 76um 1um
2095192 5000:1M 38um .5um
2095193 10000:1M 15.2um .2um
2095194 20000:1M 7.6um .1um
2095195 4000:1M .003″ .000025″
2095196 8000:1 .0015″ .000010″
2095197 10000:1 .006″ .000010″
2095198 16000:1 .003″ .000005″
2095199 4000:1 76um .5um
2095200 8000:1M 38um .2um
2095201 16000:1M 15.2um .2um
2095202 32000:1M 7.6um .1um

Download the Mahr  Dimensionair Air Gage Accessories by using the link below:

Mahr Federal Dimensionair Air Gage Accessories

The Mahr Dimensionair Accessories listed below. Call or email for pricing (Ph: 866-945-5742 / )

AMR-SPEC-136 magnification kit for  1250:1 DP/DR100 2094182  magnification kit for1260:1 DP/DR60
AMR-12 magnification kit for 2500:1/4000:1 DP/DR50
AMR-13 magnification kit for 5000:1/8000:1 DP/DR20
AMR-14 magnification kit for 10000:1/16000:1 DP/DR10
AMR-15 magnification kit for 20000:1/32000:1 DP/DR5
2248282  2-way Manifold 2248283  3-way Manifold
2248284  4-way Manifold 2248285  5-way Manifold
AHO-2  1.5 m / 5 ft Air Supply Hose. Fits all Dimensionair models. (rubber)  7/16-20
AHO-1  0.9 m / 3 ft Air hose for tooling for Models 1250:1 – 8000:1. (Tygon)  3/8-32
AHO-8 1.5 m / 5 ft Air hose for tooling on Models 1250:1 – 8000:1. (Tygon)  3/8-32
AHO-10 1.8 m / 6 ft Air hose for Models 1250:1 – 8000:1. (Tygon)  3/8-32
AHO-20 0.9 m / 3 ft Air hose for tooling on Models 10000:1 – 32000:1. (Tygon)  9/32-40
ARG-1 Replacement O-ring for AHO-1, -8, -10 Hoses and AHA-4, -5, -6, -20 Handles.
ARG-6 Replacement O-ring for AHO-20 Hose, AHA-23 and -24 Handles.
ARG-10  For AEX-1, AEX-2 and AHA-28
AFL-10 Particle Filter (normally furnished on all Dimensionair Models). Filter size: 5 microns;  Maximum pressure: 250 p.s.i.; maximum working temperature: 175°F.
AFL-24 Oil and Water Separator Trap, includes mounting hardware.
AFL-23 Replacement cartridge for AFL-24.
AFL-21 Replacement cartridge for AFL-10. AAD-263 Retrofit Kit for AFL-9

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