Mahr Federal MarForm MMQ 100 (2185912)


The Mahr Federal MarForm MMQ 100 roundmess measuring machine offers superior accuracy in a rugged, shop floor hardened package.
In combination with the EasyForm Software it represents the perfect solution for simple yet powerful measuring tasks

The MarForm MMQ 100 form tester is the ideal solution for simple yet precise measuring tasks.
Accurate and fast measuring results
Reliable due to mechanical bearings
Portable due to light weight and compact dimensions
Fast computer‑assisted workpiece alignment
Digital encoder in Z and X sends the measuring position directly to the software
Suitable for use in workshops, no compressed air connection required
All in one PC is included
No keyboard or mouse required with all in one touchscreen computer

Call 866-945-5742 or email: [email protected] for more product information.

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The Mahr Federal MarForm MMQ 100 Features:


  • Simplest to use roundness gage on the marke
  • Touch Screen user interface
  • No keyboard or mouse required
  • Precise and fast measurement results
  • Mobile due to its low weight and convenient size
  • Fast workpiece alignment thanks to computer support
  • Centering and tilting screws for rough and fine adjustment
  • Suitable for use in workshop since no compressed air connection is required
  • Encoders in X and Z feed position directly to the sw (MMQ 100 PLUS)
  • Roundness (also in a sector)
  • Flatness (out of one circle)
  • Concentricity
  • Coaxiality
  • Radial run-out
  • Axial run-out
  • Circular parallelism of top and bottom faces
  • Harmonic Analysis

Includes the following:

The computer system included with this system meets the following, or
better, specifications. Dell Optiplex XE3 small form factor computer with
Intel 6 Core i5, 4.1 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB Solid State Drive, 24” flat
panel monitor, wireless mouse and keyboard, Windows 10 Professional
(64-bit) operating system software. Computer comes with a Dell 3 Year
warranty and Pro Support plan including 24/7 telephone support and nextday
on site service. Please visit for more details on this
T20W Inductive Gage Head with 180 degree swiveling range for infinitely
variable measuring positions. Measuring range is +/- 1.0mm (.040”) or
+/- 2.0mm (.080”) depending on probe arm used. Includes Probe Arm
60mm x 3.0mm ball. (5400150)
160mm/ 6.3″ Diameter Rotary Table with Manual Tilt and Centering.
Horizontal and vertical encoders for height and radius readout during
operation and measurement make operation simple

Download the Mahr Federal MMQ100 product information by using the link below:

Mahr Federal MMQ100 Roundness Measurement Unit

The following accessories are available for this system.
4 2185767 Three Jaw Chuck for 2.76″/70mm diameters
5400161 Probe arm 60 mm Ø 1.0 M2 longitudinal
5400160 Probe arm 60 mm Ø 3
5400163 Probe arm 60 mm Ø 1.0 M2 tranverse
5400170 Probe arm 60 mm Ø 1.0 M2 longitudinal, shaft Ø 0.8 l=30 mm
5400162 Probe arm 120 mm Ø 1.0 M2 longitudinal
5400164 Probe arm 120 mm Ø 1.0 M2 tranverse
5400165 Probe arm 160 mm Ø 1.0 M2 tranverse, CFK
5400166 Probe arm 200 mm Ø 1.0 M2 tranverse, CFK
5400167 Probe arm 250 mm Ø 1.0 M2 tranverse, CFK
2243928 HP Deskjet Color Printer or equivalent

Installation and training

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