Mahr Federal MMQ 200 Roundness Measuring Machine

The Mahr Federal MMQ 200 is an automatic measuring machine for testing deviations of form For proving  the quality of your products, the MarForm MMQ 200 assesses the deviations of form and position as per DIN/ISO 1101 and documents them.

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Mahr Federal MMQ 200 Roundness Measuring Machine Features:

• Roundness
• Straightness
• Flatness (from a polar trace)
• Parallelism
• Conicity
• Concentricity, coaxiality
• Run-out, total run-out
• Cylindricity
• Taper
• Perpendicularity (from a polar trace)
• Angularity
• Angle sector (roundness, flatness, run-out)
• Straightness evaluation sectionsand position:

Download The Mahr Federal Marform MMQ 200 Product information using the link below:

Mahr Federal MMQ200 Roundness Measurement Unit

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