Mahr MarCal 16 EWRi-H Digital Caliper CARBIDE Jaws IP67 Wireless (4103373)


Mahr MarCal 16 EWRi-h Digital Caliper CARBIDE Jaws 0-6″/0-150mm with round depth rod


ISO-17025 Certification


Mahr MarCal 16 EWRi-H Digital Caliper Features:

  • Carbide outer measuring jaws
  • ON/OFF
  • HOLD (storage of measured values)
  • RESET (set display to zero)
  • PRESET (for entering a numerical value)
  • Reversal of counting direction
  • mm/in
  • LOCK function (key lock)
  • DATA (data transmission)
  • High contrast digital display
  • Locking thumbscrew
  • Lapped guideway
  • Measuring blade for inside measurements
  • Slide and beam made of hardened stainless steel
  • Step measuring function
  • Immediate measurements due to the Reference System
  • Raised guideways for protection of the scale
  • Strong resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants
  • Dirt wipers integrated in the slide
  • MarCom Professional Software free download:
    (only for Mahr data cables and wireless systems with USB and RS232 interface)
  • Digit Height:11 mm
  • Data Interface: Integrated Wireless
  • Energy Supply: Battery life approximately 3 years (approximately ½ year in wirelessmode)
  • IP Protection Category: IP 67
  • Package Contains: Battery,Instruction Manual, Case

error limit: 0,03 mm per DIN 862
resolution: 0,01 mm / .0005
depth bar: Round

mahr marcal carbide caliper

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