Meyer Gage Class X Steel Library series


Meyer Gage Class X Steel Library series. Meyer Pin Gage libraries come with certificate of accuracy. Long form certification available upon request.


Option: Long form calibration reports available upon request

Available Options

Tolerance Direction Product Number
Minus Tolerance LCX - minus
Plus Tolerance LCX - plus
Minus Tolerance L1X - minus
Minus Tolerance L1X - Plus
Minus Tolerance L2CX-Minus
Plus Tolerance L2CX-Plus
Minus Tolerance L2X-Minus
Plus Tolerance L2X-Plus
Minus Tolerance L3X-Minus
Plus Tolerance L3X-Plus
Minus Tolerance L4X - minus
Plus Tolerance L4X - plus

Download the Meyer Gage Class X Pin Gage library information by using the link below:

Meyer Gage Class X Steel Libraries

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