Vermont Gage Black Guard Oxide Pin Gage Sets Class ZZ


Vermont Gage Black Guard Oxide Pin Gage Sets Class ZZ.  Gage Pins Vermont Black Guard Sets

Black oxide treatment helps prevent corrosion And shows gage wear… saving money and  time. Make quick and accurate measurements
with Black Guard Pin Gages. Measure hole sizes. Calculate distances between holes.  Gage slot widths. Check locations. Use for Go / No-Go gaging. Size in micrometers and Snap gages. These gages are a must for anyone Making frequent and varied measurements.


Gage Pins Vermont Black Guard Sets

Black Guard … only from Vermont Gage.

  • .001″ Increments, Class ZZ
  • Certificate of Accuracy Included (long form certification can be priced)

Available Options

Tolerance Direction Product Number
Plus Tolerance 901100100
Plus Tolerance 901300100
Plus Tolerance 901100200
Plus Tolerance 901300200
Plus Tolerance 901100300
Plus Tolerance 901300300
Plus Tolerance 901100400
Plus Tolerance 901300400
Plus Tolerance 901100500
Plus Tolerance 901300500
Plus Tolerance 901100600
Plus Tolerance 901300600
Plus Tolerance 901100700
Plus Tolerance 901300700
Plus Tolerance 901100800
Plus Tolerance 901300800
Plus Tolerance 901100900
Plus Tolerance 901300900
Plus Tolerance 901101000
Plus Tolerance 901301000
Minus Tolerance 901200100
Minus Tolerance 901400100
Minus Tolerance 901200200
Minus Tolerance 901400200
Minus Tolerance 901200300
Minus Tolerance 901400300
Minus Tolerance 901200400
Minus Tolerance 901400400
Minus Tolerance 901200500
Minus Tolerance 901400500
Minus Tolerance 901200600
Minus Tolerance 901400600
Minus Tolerance 901200700
Minus Tolerance 901400700
Minus Tolerance 901200800
Minus Tolerance 901400800
Minus Tolerance 901200900
Minus Tolerance 901400900
Minus Tolerance 901201000
Minus Tolerance 901401000

Download the Vermont Gage Product information using the link below:

Vermont Gage Black Oxide Pin Gage Sets class ZZ

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