Mitutoyo Highly Environment-resistant Coordinate Measuring Machine, Allowing Shop-floor Inspection outside the Measuring Room

Delivers a measuring range of 22.4″ (x) x 19.6″ (y) x 19.6″ (z).

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The MiSTAR CMM  has an accuracy guaranteed temperature range of 10 to 40ºC by incorporating a combination of technologies such as a
symmetric structure, uniform material, and temperature compensation.
• The MiSTAR Coordinate Measuring Machine achieves a contamination resistance more than 2 times better than conventional CMM's by implementing the newly
developed Mitutoyo absolute scale* that is highly resistant to the challenging productionline environment.
* A scale that provides an absolute value for each measurement point. This eliminates the need for a machine initialization operation.
• The MiSTAR features a single support moving bridge and a storage cabinet for all machine controllers under the measuring table to save
installation space. This has reduced the footprint to about 70% compared with that of the conventional moving bridge mode

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