Mitutoyo Profile Projector PV-5110 (304-919A)


PV-5110-Series 304-Profile Projectors. Mitutoyo profile projector Vertical Bench model


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Mitutoyo Profile Projector PV-5110


  • Large 500mm screen
  • Floor model that uses a downward illumination system.
  • Digital readout protractor screen (including zero-setting, ABS/INC coordinate switching  functions) for easy and error-free angle measurement.
  • Angled screen allows projected images to be easily traced or compared with a template.
  • The oblique surface illumination system provides clear and bright images, allowing easy  inspection of non-reflective workpieces such as plastic parts or printed materials.

Standard Accessories

  • 200x100mm (8 x 4) stage
  • 10x projection lens set
  • Surface illumination unit
  • Counter stand for KA counter
  • Power cord, halogen bulb, fuse, grounding wire, allen wrench, vinyl cover

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Mitutoyo PV-5110 Vertical Optical Comparator

Mitutoyo Vertical Profile Projector PV-5110

Mitutoyo PV-511O Vertical Optical Comparator

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