Mitutoyo QM Height Gage Series 518-High Precision ABSOLUTE 1D Height Gage


Mitutoyo  QM-Height Gage delivers World’s best-in-class accuracy “4.5µm” .  Available in a 14″/350mm or 24″/600mm.



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Mitutoyo QM Height Gage 518 Features:

• Best-in-class accuracy ±(2.4+2.1L/600)μm
• Built-in air levitation mechanism using an internal pump enables smooth movement along the surface plate.
(Low-cost version with no air levitation mechanism also available)
• Easy-to-view, simple control panel allows performance of main measurements with a single key.
• A full range of options are provided to enhance operability, including a variety of probe contact points and USB Input Tool Direct, which allows output to a PC
• Go/±NG judgment by LED (red, orange, green) and measurement examples




Mitutoyo QM Height Gage Series 518-231, 518-235, 518-237 High Precision ABSOLUTE Digital Height Gage:

  • Resolution (selectable) 0.001mm/ 0.005mm/ .00005/ .0001
  • Accuracy*1 ± (2.4+2.1L/600) μm
  • Guiding method Roller bearing
  • Drive method Manual (wheel)
  • Detection principle Electromagnetic induction absolute encoder
  • Measuring force 1.5±0.5N


Download the Mitutoyo QM Height Gage 518 series using the link below:




12AACO72 Depth Probe

Interchangeable contact points for 5mm stepped probe:
957261 2mm ball coaxal type
957262 3mm ball coaxal type
957263 4mm ball coaxal type
957264 14mm disk
957265 20mm disk
12AAA788 4mm ball eccentric type
12AAA789 6mm ball eccentric type

Special holder , special probe
12AAA792 Holder for dial gage
12AAA793 Long holder

SPC Connecting cable
936937 1mm cable
965014 2mm cable

05HZA142  9 x 9 adapter (requires the following clamp)
05GZA033 Scriber clamp for 9×9 adapter
05HZA144 6.35×12.7 adapter
02AZE990 UWAVE mounting plate


Mitutoyo Probes For Height Gage

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