Starrett FMM Digital Force Tester


Starrett FMM Digital Force Test Stands FMM Digital Force Testers may be used with L1 software or with a Starrett DFC or
DFG digital force gage. FMM digital force testers are compact and ideal for high volume, lean manufacturing production.
FMM testers are available in three capacities: 110lbf (500N), 330lbf (1500N) and 550lbf (2500N). Two travel lengths are available for all capacities: standard travel at 20″ (508mm) and extended travel at 30″ (762mm). Crosshead speeds are controlled
locally and can be set from 0.002 to 40 inch/min (0.05 to 1016mm/min). A high resolution OLED display shows distance measurements with accuracy better than 20μm (0.0008 inch). Travel limits help prevent load sensor overloading.
The FMM force tester can be controlled using L1 software for limit, cycling, hold and coefficient of friction testing. The FMM force tester can also be controlled using a DFC digital force gage. The DFC force gage serves as a universal controller where it is used to setup the force tester’s distance limits, crosshead direction and crosshead velocity for a test.

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Starrett FMM Digital Force Tester Features:

• Ideal for tension, compression, flexural, cyclic, shear, and friction applications
• Use with L1 software and 2-in-1 tablet PC or with DFC and DFG force gages
• Multiple, Easy-to-Use Operating Modes
-- Manual
-- Automatic
-- Continuous
-- Gage Control (DFC force gage controls FMM tester)
-- Software Control (L1 system control)
• Crosshead position accuracy is better than 20μm (0.0008 in)
• Two column heights and travels:
-- Standard Travel 20" (508mm
-- Extended Travel 30" (762mm)
• Three force capacities:
-- 110 lbf (500N)
-- 330 lbf (1500N)
-- 550 lbf (2500N)
• Reference distance travel ruler
• Cycle for 99,999 counts or seconds (72 hours)
• Hold at load or duration for up to seconds (72 hours)
• Compact design is ideal for small work space and for lean manufacturing environments
• Adjustable base adapter ensure correct sample alignment
• Standard metric base with M4, M6, M10 and M12 threads
• Optional imperial base with #10-32, 5/16-18, 1/4-28 and 1/2-20 threads
• USB 2.0 and RS-232 Communications
• Configurable crosshead speeds from:
-- 0.002 to 40 in/min
-- 0.05 to 1000 mm/min
• Crosshead speed accuracy is better than 0.1% at full speed, full load
• Adjustable, magnetic travel limits
• Quiet operating even at full speed, full load
• Easily upgrade from force gage control to computer-based operation using L1 software and 2-in-1 tablet PC
• Two mounting blocks for:
-- Force gage mounting
-- BLC load cell mounting
• Four configurable 0-24Vdc digital I/O channels for switch testing or use with annunciators and status lamps
• Base clevis adapter kit supplied standard
• Cast-aluminum base with bench clips to secure to work space if needed
• Easy-to-use jog keys with excellent tactile feedback
• Speed selection dial with high resolution display



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Starrett FMM Motorized Force Tester



Two enhancements have been made to all test frames and all Lx software applications. Starrett improved and simplified the Firmware Update process. Just select the new firmware file and the update takes place as before, but we have provided feedback messages to indicate if a problem has occurred and the probable cause. This new firmware updater will apply to FMM, FMS, MMS, FMD and MMD test frames. We have a PINCH LOAD feature to the LOADS option in all Lx software. The PINCH LOAD provides a level of protection for users who are concerned about accidently pinching their hands/fingers during a manual movement of the crosshead using the jog keys or joy stick. PINCH LOAD is an option within the LOADS setting. Users can enter a load value, up to 50N (11lbf, 5kgf). When PINCH LOAD is enabled and the user is controlling the test frame via the jog key or joy stick in a DOWNWARD/COMPRESSION direction manually, the crosshead will decelerate to a full stop as quickly as possible when the PINCH LOAD value is measured. This means that some form of load measurement must be occurring and that load data is being measured by either a DFC gage in test mode, or by the L1 software controlling the FMM test frame. The PINCH LOAD option is located in the DFC force gage (TESTS option) and in L1, L2, S2, L2Plus and L3 software applications.

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Starrett FMM L1 Systems

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