Biological, Metallurgical and Laboratory Microscopes

Have you been tasked to procure biological microscopes or metallurgical microscopes or laboratory microscopes? The latest models are available at Willrich Precision and they can be utilized in a variety of institutional and clinical settings. You can rest assured that the development of modern microscopes has moved beyond the simple visible light refracting lenses.

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For example, today’s range of biological microscopes is far more sophisticated, and can zoom in on microscopic life forms, cells, pond life samples and more. Metallurgical microscopes offer advanced features such as reflected and transmitted light, and you will have no problems viewing surface inclusions, grain size, electroplating coatings and thin films at high magnification. We also offer modern laboratory microscopes that are ideal for advanced veterinary, clinical, medical, university, college and high school applications.

Popular Biological, Metallurgical & Laboratory Microscope Brands We Carry

  • Vision Engineering

Popular Products for Biological, Metallurgical & Laboratory Microscopes

  • DX41 Biological Microscopes
  • DX51 Metallurgical Microscope
  • DX21 Laboratory Microscope

Shop for Biological, Metallurgical & Laboratory Microscopes at Willrich Precision Instrument

Whether you are looking for biological, metallurgical or laboratory microscopes, you can be sure that Willrich Precision is the go-to shop for stellar quality microscopes that offer the advanced features you are looking for. We have been in the business for more than four decades, and our clients from the gaging, inspection, and metrology industry have benefited from our unerring commitment to provide affordable precision measurement instruments. Our customer service representatives also have extensive knowledge on microscopes so you can be assured that you will always buy the right microscope for your applications.

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