Stereo Microscopes

At Willrich Precision, we provide one of the largest selections of stereo microscopes in the internet. When it comes to procuring precise measurement instrumentation, Willrich Precision is the go-to online store for top-notch quality products. Also known as a dissecting microscope, a stereo microscope is basically an optical microscope that’s designed for low magnification observation of a sample part. It also works by utilizing two separate optical paths as opposed to just one.

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Popular Stereo Microscope Brands We Carry

  • SPI
  • Vision Engineering
  • Fowler
  • Marvision
  • Flexbar
  • Mitutoyo

Popular Products for Stereo Microscopes

  • Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscopes
  • Stereo Microscopes with Boom Stands
  • 1:6:7 Ratio Stereo Microscopes
  • X-Tra Range Microscopes
  • 40X Binoculars Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Shop for Stereo Microscopes at Willrich Precision Instrument

Willrich Precision places customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities. That’s why we have a team of well trained customer service representatives ready to assist you at any time. Since 1971, we have been serving the metrology, inspection and gaging industry by being a leading retailer of a broad range of precision measurement instruments, including stereo microscopes. That’s why professionals from industries such as medical have procured their instruments from us.

Whether you are looking for 1:6:7 ratio stereo microscopes, stereo-zoom microscopes, x-tra range microscopes, you can be sure to find them in our extensive stereo microscope range. At Willrich Precision, you can expect to enjoy huge savings as the products are priced very competitively. Start browsing through inventory today and discover in person the Willrich Precision advantage.

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