Snap Gage OD

Snap gages are important precision measuring tools to have in any production environment. If you need to take measurements of thicknesses or diameters repeatedly and quickly, snap gages are apt for the job. The great thing about snap gages is that they can be mounted on frames or hand held. Whether you are looking for fixed limit or variable snap gages, you can be sure to find a large selection of these gages at Willrich Precision.

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Popular Snap Gage Brands We Carry

  • Mahr Federal
  • Dorsey
  • Starrett
  • Mitutoyo
  • … and more!

Popular Products for Snap Gages

  • Glastonbury Southern Gage AGD Snap Gages
  • Fowler-Bowers Electronic Indicating Micrometers
  • Mahr MaraMeter Indicating Snap Gages
  • Dorsey Metrology SDN Series Dial Snap Gages
  • Mitutoyo Series 201 Dial Snap Gages

Shop for Snap Gages at Willrich Precision Instrument

At Willrich, you can find dial snap gages, electronic snap gages, indicating bench snap gages, and more from our up-to-date snap gage range. Our company was founded in 1971, and we have more than four decades of experience in the field of gaging, inspection, and metrology. We are a trusted retailer that stocks one of the largest selections of precision measurement instruments, including snap gages.

We place our customers’ satisfaction as one of our top priorities and that’s why our customer service representatives can help you at every step of your snap gage procurement process. You can tap onto their knowledge and experience to make facilitating bulk orders feel like a walk in the park. Browse through our inventory today and shop for premium snap gages with confidence!

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