How Automotive Diecasting Suppliers Have Been Benefitting From Computer Tomographs

computer tomographs

Cutting edge technology is being taken up by many diecasting suppliers as a way to decrease costs and increase accuracy and productivity. Scanners designed to facilitate computed tomographs are ideal for the job as they perfect the scanning of a part’s interior without causing any harm, damage or change in the part itself.

Learning From The Medical Field

CT scanning (computerized tomography) has been used for some time in the medical field to identify, locate and understand what is happening inside the body, but it is only relatively recently that the engineering and manufacturing world has taken notice and started to use the technology for themselves.

How Does It Work?

The CT scanning machine is a kind of X-ray machine that takes hundreds or thousands of different readings from multiple angles of the part or product and then produces a detailed gray scale image. This is then converted into voxel-based 3D point clouds. Once this has been created, then it is possible to get the full dimensions of the part and re-create it as a physical part. This technology ensures a part can be re-created exactly and this is indispensable to either replace broken or non-working parts, or tailor-make a tool or part exactly as required by a customer.

Why use Computer Tomographs?

The use of computer tomographs is the only real way to obtain a 3D view of the interior of a part object without taking it apart or cutting it into sections. It gives a much better indication of any internal issues with a part than any other method could provide previously. CT scanning reliably identifies any internal porosities and can determine whether they are air pockets or shrinkage. This important information allows a manufacturer or supplier to make any required adjustments quickly and easily

Process Optimization

Computer tomographs has revolutionized the diecasting process as it ensures the end product is of a high quality and is exactly as per the dimensions issued. Additional measurements or inspections are not generally needed, which reduces the cost of creating the part by a significant amount.

Easily Create New Parts

Because CT scanning gives a very detailed and complete image of the part, it is easier and quicker to create new parts with minimum correction needed. This means a huge saving in time and money as the process is much quicker. This means prototypes are faster in their development, allowing their testing to be carried out much swifter. This means the whole process from conception to production can take less than half the time it took previously. Any flaws can be much more quickly identified and rectified before the final component or part goes into full production for sale or general use.

Multiple Uses For The Finished 3D Image

Of course, once you have the image you can use it for more than one reasons.  For example, you may not want to immediately replicate the part, you may just want to inspect it for defects or void analysis. The beauty of using a computer tomograph is that once you have the image you can retain it and use it any time you need to.

by George Chitos

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