How To Buy A Height Gage That Meets Your Precision Measurement Needs

height gage precision measurement

Today’s height gage, in addition to being a measurement tool capable of versatility and highly precision measurements, comes in a variety of styles. What kinds of height gages are we talking about here? There are gauge block-based styles, complex or simple electronic cages, digital height gages, and the old school Vernier style.

Purchasing a Height Gage? Here’s What to Look For

All sorts of possibilities open up once you enter the world of electronic height gages. SPC data output connection use ability is one major advantage. What this feature does is, for analysis in real time, make it possible for the operator to load measurements up to a database.

Built into today’s high-quality electronic gauges is an absolute linear encoder. The need to, at every power, set the reference point is eliminated by this encoder. Additionally, with these models, no overspeed error will occur.

The Starrett 3751 Series is an inexpensive electronic model and a good example. It is, more or less, a digital caliper vertically mounted in a base with an indicator attachment (or scriber). More expensive models include Mitutoyo and Tesa, Browne and Sharp, Mahr Federal, Sylvac, Trimos brands, as well as another Starrett gage called Altissimo.

Let’s Get Down To the Basics

When purchasing and electronic height gage, here’s what to look for:

  • SPC capabilities
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • To save power, an automatic shut off
  • Instant inch to mm conversion
  • Locking mechanism for scribing
  • Fine-tuning wheel for final settings
  • Speed wheel for rapid adjustments
  • Even after shutdown, the ability to remember your last measurement
  • Adjustable beeper volumes

Height Gages That Are Gage Block Based

Of all the styles of height gages, this is the most accurate. It has precision gage blocks that are permanently wrung together. High-quality tools such as those put out by Mitutoyo and Starrett can be found in many precision machine shops, aerospace, tool and die, and mold making shops. They are brands that should be carried by whichever precision instrument supplier you purchase your tools from. Of course, models and prices vary greatly, so you should to speak to a customer service representative if you have inquiries of any kind.

A reputable supplier will have experts at the ready with which to answer all your questions. They will also have a reasonable selection when it comes brands, models, and more. Shipping is another thing that should be taken into consideration.

Clearly, shops all over the world use the critical precision measurement tool known as the height gage. Together with various attachments and a granite surface, virtually every measurement in existence is achievable – all with an extraordinary degree of accuracy.

Because different height gages are required for different applications, Willrich carries not only a wide array of height gages but has an impressive inventory of all things metrology and gage related. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you in finding the highly precision tools necessary with which to do your job.

by George Chitos