Product Spotlight: Fowler Trimos V7 Electronic 2D Height Gage

Height gages have
been in use for many decades to measure heights of objects. Height gage can
also be used to measure a variety of other parameters. These include diameters,
radii, and more. Over the years, height gages have evolved and today, we have
digital height gages where a lot of the processes are automated. This makes it
easier for machinists to use height gages.

One such height gage is the Fowler Trimos V7 Electronic 2D Height Gage. This is an easy-to-use height gage that comes with a modern touch screen. It comes with a lateral insert holder that makes it great for use in a workshop. In order to improve clarity, the touch screen is very simplified so that the machine operator will not get distracted by clutter. In continuance with the drive to simplify things, the number of buttons is limited to only what is absolutely necessary.

The advantage of
this is that operating the machine becomes very simple so one can easily
perform complex operations simultaneously. The other advantage is that not a
lot of training is required to get new workers to operate the machine. This
saves a lot of time and costs, ensuring that productivity is always at its

About Fowler High Precision

Fowler High
Precision Company is widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of precision
equipment in the world. The company was founded in 1946 and since then, it has
grown to where it is today. Fowler High Precision has managed to remain dynamic
thanks to strategic partnerships with other companies such as Wyler and Trimos
among others. This way, Fowler has ensured that they remain at the peak of the
technology curve. This is reflected in the state-of-the-art products that the
company supplies such as the Fowler Trimos V7 Electronic 2D Height Gage.

Features of Fowler Trimos V7 Electronic 2D Height Gage

Here’s a quick look
at some notable features of Fowler Trimos V7 Electronic
2D Height Gage:

  • 2D programming,
  • Large range of
  • Measuring ranges 400
    to 1800mm
  • Manual or motorized
  • All possible
    adjustments without tools
  • Interfaces RS232 and
  • Simple and
    easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Electronically
    adjustable measuring force

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by George Chitos