Product Spotlight: Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator

Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator

The Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator will be the focus of this piece. But, first things first – what is a digital comparator? Also referred to as a magnitude comparator, it is a device classified casually as a hardware electronic. It is used in MCUs (microcontrollers) and CPUs (central processing units). It determines whether one number is equal to, less than, or greater than another number. (Two numbers are taken as input in binary form.)

A Comparator’s Application

In electronics, ordinarily, this device would be used to compare two currents or voltages. These are given at the comparator’s two inputs. It compares the two input voltages, giving them a differential output voltage, either low-level or high-level signal.

Upon comparing two voltages, a comparator circuit outputs either a zero or a one to let the user know which one is larger. As an example, comparators are frequently used to find out whether or not an input has reached a value of a predetermined level.

The Amazing Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator

This comparator has the following features:

  • IP54 protection
  • Perfect for fixture gages, comparator stands, bore gages, or snap gages
  • Remote and integral readout versions are both available
  • Three formats for data output – digimatic, serial, and maxum
  • Auto power down
  • Absolute transducers
  • Dynamic capabilities: reset, hold, TIR, max, min
  • User configurable in metric/inch units, reverse/normal sensing, analog scale, resolution, and tolerance display and set up
  • Features both readability and digital display for accuracy
  • For gage and trend, unique fan analog display

Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator Mounting Brackets

The Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator is available with adjustable mounting brackets. Their features are as follows:

  • Sizes for ANSI/ADG (groups one and two)
  • Included with all brackets – rack back
  • Perfect for permanent indicator mounting to fixtures
  • Allows positive, fast indicator adjustments

It is also available with a universal mounting base whose features are as follows:

  • Accommodates all size indicators
  • Uses log back to mount indicator
  • Allows mounting indicator to custom fixtures

Making Your Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator More Flexible

You can make your Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator indicators more flexible by adding innovative contact points. The features here are as follows:

  • Hard-to-reach grooves can be made more accessible by the right-angle point
  • For under ledges, and for narrow recesses such as holes and groove – small offset point
  • Easily adaptable chisel point for screw heads and small slots
  • For small area checking such as pits, etchings, and more – needlepoint
  • Without the need for a cushion gear, a shock absorbing contact to minimize point damage

More accessories are available.

A highly detailed specs page for the Mahr Federal Maxum III Digital Comparator can be accessed by clicking here. Additionally, you can find information involving options regarding stem length, stem diameter, data output, range, and more.

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by George Chitos