Product Spotlight: Mahr MarCal 30 EWRi-N Digital Depth Gage IP67 Wireless for Groove measurement

Mahr MarCal 30 EWRi-N Digital Depth Gage IP67 Wireless for Groove measurement

Depth gages are extremely useful hand tools designed to inspect the depth of counterbores, slots, recesses, holes, among others. These tools are widely used by professionals in the tool and die industry. In the past, workers were limited to mechanical scales. In fact, earlier versions of gages comprised a simple rule and a sliding perpendicular beam, which served as the reference. You had to set the scale into the hole you were measuring, and with the slide squared up with the reference surface. The operator had to apply proper technique and employ good judgement. Without those, errors could occur.

However, digital depth gages have become today’s preferred option. If you are looking to get Mahr digital depth gages, you can never go wrong with the Mahr MarCal 30 EWRi-N Digital Depth Gage, which comes with IP67 and wireless features. It is one of the fastest and most accurate tools for checking depths. The gage can also cover large diameter spans with exceptional ease.

About Mahr

Founded in 1861, Mahr is a leading manufacturer of metrology solutions. The group specializes in a wide range of fields, including high-precision ball bearings, meter mix dispense technology, high-precision gear and metering pumps, hand-held metrology, calibration measuring machines, and other forms of system metrology. Today, the group employs nearly 2,000 employees. The medium-sized family-run business is involved in many operations around the globe, including the United States, China, France, Czech Republic, and Germany. Mahr’s certifications and awards include the following: Bosch Global Supplier Award 2015, VDA 6.4:2017, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Features of the Mahr MarCal 30 EWRi-N Digital Depth Gage IP67 Wireless for Groove measurement

Here’s a quick look at some notable features of the Mahr MarCal 30 EWRi-N Digital Depth Gage:

  • Batteries can last up to three years
  • Comes with casing
  • 30 Ent, 902, and 903 anvils
  • Includes instruction manual
  • IP67
  • Integrated wireless features
  • Integrated dirt wipers (in the slide)
  • Shows great resistance against lubricants, coolants, and dust
  • Protected scale (guideway is raised)
  • Take immediate measurements
  • Hardened stainless steel (slide and beam)
  • Lapped guideway
  • Locking screw
  • High contrast analog display

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by George Chitos