Product Spotlight: Starrett 254 Master Vernier Height Gage

Product Spotlight: Starrett 254 Master Vernier Height Gage

Precision measurements are a common element in many
industrial applications. Technicians need to deal with a wide array of values,
e.g., height, length, breath, and depth, on a daily basis. It is important that
all workshops have the right instrument to accurately measure and record these
values. Chances are you might have heard of Vernier height gages. This is a
special type of Vernier instrument that is used to measure the heights of
different engineering objects with high precision and accuracy. Additionally,
these gages typically comprise the following components: a base, a main scale,
a measuring jaw, a fine adjustment screw and a fine adjustment clamp. The sizes
of Vernier height gages range from 150 mm to 500 mm on average. If you are
looking for the Starrett 254 master Vernier height gage, learn more about it in
this product spotlight!

About Starrett

The L.S. Starrett Company was founded in 1880 by Laroy
Sunderland Starrett. As a mechanically inclined individual, he patented a
number of inventions, including a butter working machine, a washing machine and
a meat chopper. Starrett engages in the manufacture of consumer, professional
and industrial measuring and cutting tools.

In 1868, Starrett was appointed the superintendent and
general agent of the Athol Machine Co. of Athol. This allowed Laroy Sunderland
Starrett to manufacture his inventions, as well as taking out approximately 100
patents. Among his inventions were a variety of hand tools that were useful in
the building trades. The combination square was one of these tools and it
consisted of a steel rule with a sliding head.

Today, Starrett’s diverse product range includes tape
measures, custom engineered granite solutions, laser measuring equipment and electronic
gages among others. The organization continues to operate through the following
segments: International Operations and North American Operations.

Features of the Starrett
254 Master Vernier Height Gage

Here’s a quick look at some notable features of the Starrett
254 Master Vernier Height Gage

  • Vertical bars that provide balance and stability
  • Hardened master bars (available on models up to
    24 and 600mm)
  • Remote fine adjustment features for sizes 36
    (900mm) and larger
  • Quick-adjust release features that allow for
    fast positioning
  • Black lines and figures against satin chrome
    finishes for increased visibility
  • 50-division Vernier scales
  • Flush fitting to eliminate parallax
  • Scriber and base allow for direct reading from
  • Special master bar design that eliminates
  • … and more!

Get Starrett 254
Master Vernier Height Gages from Willrich Precision!

The Starrett 254 is one of the most durable and accurate
Vernier height gages on the market. In addition to the product’s increase
strength and stability, it has more range than other height gages. If you are
looking to get a new Starrett 254 master Vernier height gage, look no further
than Willrich Precision. Our firm ahs been in business for over 40 years and
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Registered and are well-versed in repair and calibration services.

To know more about our Starrett 254 master Vernier height
gages and the benefits they provide, do not hesitate to contact us today.

by George Chitos