Product Spotlight: Starrett 258 Series Digi-Chek II Height Gages

Starrett 258 Series Digi-Chek II Height Gages

Height gages are devices used to measure the distance from a reference surface. These devices are exceptionally accurate and they can measure surface plates and even intricate features of a part. There are several types of height gages and they include electronic height gages, dial height gages, vernier height gages and more. These devices play a very important role to ensure quality control.

Many industrial applications have been relying on height gages to take accurate measurements of the height of a workpiece. There are a variety of height gage brands, but we will focus more on Starrett. Starret is one of the most popular brands among parts manufacturers and the company is known for producing high quality precision measuring tools for metrology.

This post will explain more about the Starrett 258 Series Digi-Chek II height gage to help you choose the right tool for your height measurement needs.

About Starrett

L. S. Starrett Company is a leading manufacturer of gages, precision tools, saw blades and measuring instruments for consumer, professional and industrial markets. The company was founded in 1880 by Laroy S. Starrett who was the first man to invent a line of precision tools that continue to set very high standards. For more than 130 years, the Starrett Company has grown to become one of the world’s greatest toolmakers.

Starrett tools are applied in various industrial applications that require products to be assembled, formed, cut or measured. The industries that mostly rely on these tools include energy, aerospace, electronics and many others. Starrett tools, especially the height gages, are sold through distributors, retailers, dealers and online throughout the world and the company makes well over $250 million annually. The figures themselves prove that this company has a good reputation and is popular for manufacturing quality precision measuring tools.

Features of Starrett 258 Series Digi-Chek II Height Gages

What makes the Starrett 258 Series Digi-Chek II Height Gages a popular choice? Check out these top features:

  • Lapped bearing pads
  • Gage housed in heavily flanged frame for stability
  • Gage block column design allows wringing
  • Readings can be taken from right, left or center of the gage block column
  • Eliminates the need to subtract or add block thickness
  • Speeder knob on the micrometer head allows rapid positioning

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by George Chitos