Product Spotlight: Willrich Precision’s Contract Inspection Services

contract inspection

At Willrich Precision, we are a trusted provider of contract inspection services for CMM equipment. Our expertise covers the certification and inspection of production fixtures, gaging, and tooling. You can rest assured that we also possess a wealth of standards at our disposal. Our team is capable of measuring parts and fixtures of all resolutions, accuracies, and complexities. If you are looking for an expert that is well-versed on facilitating capability studies, Willrich is the answer! Let’s find out more about our company and our contraction inspection services!

About Willrich Precision

Our company has been in the fields of gaging, inspection and metrology for more than 45 years. We are a trusted source for the latest and most sophisticated metrology products in the United States. You can find anything from basic measuring tools to advanced laser systems, and more. Whatever your measurement needs may be, Willrich has the solution. When you purchase a product from Willrich Precision, you are not only paying money for the product itself. Each purchase comes bundled with the expert assistance and advice that are provided by our passionate and superbly knowledgeable staff.

Founded in 1971, Willrich started out just like many other businesses, i.e. from humble beginnings in a spare room. Today, we are glad that our hard work has paid off. Our company has been widely recognized as a leader in precision measurement instrumentation. We love what we do. That’s why we continually strive to create customer satisfaction and work diligently to maintain it! Since our inception, we have worked with a wide variety of organizations from the technology, energy, automotive, military, firearms, machining, pharmaceutical, plastics, medical, and aerospace industries.

When you work with us for contract inspection services, we provide a certificate of inspection and/or calibration for every part and fixture that has been calibrated with pass/fail analysis and pass/fail criteria. After that, we will store calibration tolerances and attributes in our data management software to ease subsequent calibrations. Willrich Precision leverages the flexibility and strength of the CMM to calibrate a wide range of fixtures and functional gages.

Willrich Precision’s Capabilities for Contract Inspection Services

Here’s a quick look at some of our notable capabilities when it comes to contract inspection:

  • Scanning/Scan to IGES
  • CT Scanner Contract Inspection
  • Vision Measurement Contract Inspection
  • White Light Non-Contact Contract Inspection
  • Laser Non-Contact Contract Inspection
  • Optical comparator
  • Complete capability studies
  • CMM Contract Inspection
  • Pictorial output and graphical display of measured results
  • Reverse engineering with CAD export
  • Surface finish measurements
  • 3D solid model component representation

Get Contract Inspection Services from Willrich Precision!

If you are looking for a reputable contract inspection service provider, look no further than Willrich Precision. As mentioned, we have over four decades of experience in this field and nca provide stellar solutions to meet your inspection needs. Our company is ISO:9001:2008 Registered, so you can expect to receive high-quality inspection solutions from us all the time. Whether you are some automotive specialist or military personnel, we have the right solution for you! To know more about our contract inspection services and the benefits they provide, do not hesitate to contact us today or call 866-9945-5742.

by George Chitos